General overview

The MC Marketing Consulting covers business and technology consulting projects, national and international market studies, the preparation, application and the management of national and international R & D projects, matchmaking projects, and the organization of international trade fair participations mainly for the maritime industry.

  • Management and technology consulting
    (State-of-the-art analysis, marketing concept,
    business plan, technology assessment,
    potential analysis, strategy development)
  • Market studies
    (Market potential, market development, market
    participants, market shares, sector structure,
    sector development)
  • Competition analyses
    (Companies, employees, turnover, result,
    portfolio, market position, integration,
  • Project management
    (Networks, regional, interregional and
    international cooperation, R&D projects,
  • Conferences and commercial events
    (Workshops, exhibitions, presentations,
  • NMMT-Office functions
    (National Masterplan Maritime Technologies - NMMT)

Main sectoral fields

  • Deep see mining (Management and technology consulting, exploration and exploitation technologies for marine mineral resources, environmental studies for deep-sea mining)

  • Drilling and foundation technologies for offshore oil & gas, offshore wind, deep-sea mining and marine renewable energies
  • Ship engines and propulsion systems
  • Shipbuilding and marine supplies industry
  • Underwater robotics and underwater vehicles with respect to economic and technological developments for AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles)