Database and study European maritime statistics (2009)

Presently the value of maritime policy rose to itself in general. From the necessity to meet well-founded political decisions sure about future, the requirements for the qualification of the data basis also grow in the economic area of the European Union (EU).
To the turn of the year in 2007/2008 Eurostat, the central statistics authority of the EU, placed an order awards to a European company syndicate under the direction of Ifremer, France. MC Marketing Consulting is one of a total of five involved companies from France, Germany and Italy.
In the centre of the order stand the main focuses:

  • Admission and comparison of the national availability of socio-economic data from the area of the maritime economy in all EU member countries
  • Purveyance and sighting of relevant data
  • Development and equipment according to dates of a database covering  all EU-member states
  • Preparation of an accompanying concept study to the current status quo as well as derived recommendations for the future qualification of the maritime date inventory.

MC Marketing Consulting is involved in the realization of all services of the contract. Within the scope of a regional division of labor coordinated between the partners of the consortium MC takes over the treatment of the Baltic neighboring states of the EU with the exception of the Germany as well as Poland. In this connection contacts with the national statistics authorities and other institutions and organizations are built up and maintained in Denmark, Finland and Sweden as well as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In all these countries suitable research as well as expert's discussions is carried out.
All contractual services to be provided by the contractors were handed over at the beginning of 2009 and were confirmed by Eurostat.